Becoming Evergreen

Founded in the Evergreen State and inspired by the beauty that the Pacific Northwest holds, PlanetObsessed was designed on the idea of closing the loop. We believe in a circular economy and reuse. From our consumption of millions of bottles a minute, comes a million ways to change. Regardless of your environment, we are here to improve it.

We know PlanetObsessed is more than just textiles you put on your body but a movement that we want to encourage and a community we desire to build around sustainability and environmental awareness. PlanetObsessed was formed on the shared passion our company has around the Earth and the necessity of being a conscious consumer.

Planet Obsessed is a state of mind, a lifestyle.
We are consumers, we are recyclers, we are preservationists.
We are Planet Obsessed.

When your environment changes, so should you...

Introducing — a blend of comfort and performance, with an impact far beyond a fashion statement. All PlanetObsessed apparel incorporates recycled plastic into the material.


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As a recycler, we are in constant pursuit of new technologies to reclaim waste. We understand that everything has a lifecycle, and that our responsibility is to extend that. The blue bin is just the beginning.

Join us, and become PlanetObsessed.